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happy there are Octobers

happy there are Octobers

I am LIVING for this weather. It was sunny, a little breezy and a crisp 63 degrees in Manhattan today, and it was glorious. I can wear pants, long sleeves, and after a summer without air conditioning, can comfortably sleep with BLANKETS! It feels like such a treat to be cozy now. It’s crazy how a change of seasons can make such a difference, but I have been noticing JOY all over the place. I think when the humidity broke and summer tourists fled, the city gave one large, collective “sigh,” grabbed a hot coffee and headed out on a long, relaxing Sunday walk. A least, that’s what I did. I mosied to church, around Central Park and eventually made my way home.

I love that quote from Anne of Green Gables where she says “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Girl, SAME. College football, changing leaves. The re-introduction of layers and some new wardrobe items. Earthy-scented candles. And a true sense of transition and return to a new routine. It feels like I’m finally achieving that “real life” I’ve been wondering about all along.

Today marks exactly four months of being a professional working girl, and a little more than four months as a New Yorker. I’ve noticed a few little things that have changed about me — little things that I think are good. I do my hair less, and I wear way less face makeup. I’m not sure if this is just transitioning out of being a little bit southern for the last four years, or an efficiency thing (saving time + $$$), or a “this is as good as it’s gonna get”-Mia Thermopolis thing, but hey, there it is. I’m more content being/doing things alone than I used to be. I’m learning the difference between being alone and being lonely. I’ve gone to social things solo. I’ve hung out in the park solo (where I wrote this post initially.) It feels nice to be slowly blending old friends and new friends, and taking ownership of my life. Because at the end of the day, if I want to see something or do something, I can’t wait around until a buddy justifies it with me. (Can you tell I’m a selfish 20-something or what?). My little from my sorority used to make fun of me in college because every time she saw me by myself on the Quad, at Starbucks, etc., I had my phone to my ear, talking to someone so I wasn’t “alone.” So, Annie, I hope you’re proud. I’m still impatient as ever – but have learned that New Yorkers are, too. I'll have my little legs moving to get to the subway and get so annoyed when people are texting and walking or just stop in the middle of the sidewalk. Get in your lane, people! I’m valuing the small victories more than ever. Whether it’s at work or in my personal life, I’m learning to take it in stride and celebrate the little things. I’m so thankful for my crew of friends up here from high school and college, sweet colleagues and the most patient roommate who have been along for the good, the bad and the ugly crying. 

Here’s to fall, crunchy leaves, chai lattes (no PSLs for me), digging out my trench coat and taking a deep breath of fresh air.

On the fall to-do list:

  • Drink Wegmans apple cider

  • See ALL the foliage (I really missed ‘seeing’ fall in when I was in Alabama)

  • Switch out summer clothes and sort clothes to donate

  • Put away one of my bedroom fans (!)

  • Go apple picking

  • Attempt to make my mom’s apple pie

  • Experience NYC Oktoberfest

  • Put genuine effort into a Halloween costume for work

  • Bake pumpkin bread

  • Picnic in the park before it gets too cold

  • Start hand-lettering again

  • Make a new playlist on Spotify

  • Wear as much flannel as possible/is appropriate

What’re y’all most excited about for fall? Baseball postseason? Hot drinks? Sweaters? LMK

quality / quantity

quality / quantity

the super bowl of coffee

the super bowl of coffee