Welcome to my little piece of the world wide web. I'll be documenting my experiences in New York, working, traveling, and endearingly overthinking everything.

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go figure

go figure

Things that cause me inordinate amounts of stress:

  • Getting food on a buffet line (am I holding everyone up? Did I take too much? Is anyone even remotely paying attention to this?! [answer: no])

  • Putting my carry-on in the overhead compartment

  • Determining 5 minutes before a call, whether I’m supposed to initiate or receive

    • Note: designating who is calling whom in the calendar invite is an ingenious solve for this ;)

  • Getting ready to meet friends without a predetermined dress code (is this actually a casual thing or an ‘everyone else looks incredible and I’m literally in jeans and a flannel’ situation?)

  • Whether to use “Hi there” or just “Hi, [name]” in work emails

  • Crowded grocery stores (like, where did all these people come from anyway??)

  • Ordering in fast casual restaurants when the glass is taller than I am

  • Revisiting uncomfortable moments that took place weeks/months ago

  • Showing up at an event where I only know one person (do I cling? Branch out? Try to impress his/her friends? Lay low?)

  • The notion of “Networking”

Things that should cause me stress that surprisingly don’t phase me (much):

  • Flying/traveling alone

  • Doing things solo - joining organizations, attending events

  • Uncomfortable moments, in the moment

  • Actually building a network

  • Interviews (when I was looking for internships/jobs)

  • Putting my thoughts out on the internet (there are some crazy people out there...)

  • Living and working in New York City as a 22 year old 

I mean... do I have it backwards or what?

Sometimes I get myself so worked about things that don’t really matter. In the end, who cares if I am thirty seconds slower than others trying to put my bag in the overhead compartment? I’m five-foot-one… just might need a sec to get the best reach. Or why can’t I choose to feel more united and ‘we’re all in this together’ with the dozens of other New Yorkers also trying to get groceries over the weekend? Also, like... who cares?! 99 percent of the times I freak myself out, no one with/around me has noticed or thought about the things I'm worrying about. 

I fear the things that won’t end up mattering, and somewhat slight the things I should be really thinking about. Go figure, huh? What funny little things stress you out? Or is this just me? Let's forget about the silly stress that limits joy. 

saturday sharing - on friendship

saturday sharing - on friendship

quality / quantity

quality / quantity