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please welcome: Travel Tuesday

please welcome: Travel Tuesday

I casually dropped this new “Travel Tuesday” series in with a random, quick NYC Day Trip guide for Chelsea/SoHo/Midtown a few weeks ago. So, for today’s post I wanted to add a little context about what's to come. 

I mentioned in one of my early posts that I was lucky to have traveled a lot in college, and on top of that, my family is spread out across the Midwest/Southeast/Northeast. I love road trips and am an obsessive airline miles/travel card points monster. People text and email me fairly often for must-sees in one city or another, and instead of forwarding you all the email chains I sent them, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite places, experiences and lessons learned all in one place.

Some fun facts:

  • The plural of “aircraft” is “aircraft” (kinda like with “moose”)

  • Global Entry also gets you TSA Precheck (and is the gift that keeps on giving)

  • In Europe, “Youth” prices apply until you’re 25 (!!)

  • You can link your Delta account with Lyft to earn Skymiles on the ground. yap. click here.

  • Southwest is the only domestic airline that lets you check not one, but two bags for free!

… and there’s so many more random facts, tips, apps, accessories, and guides to come! Travel is something I’m especially passionate about — I even wrote my college essay about taking trips in my family’s minivan growing up. (yep)

Where is somewhere you’re dying to go? I want to eat french fries in Idaho, climb the Harbor Bridge in Sydney and everything in-between.

Guides to come:

  • Seville, Spain

  • Spain - Canary Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo

  • Paris, France

  • Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, Alabama (maybe in the fall we add a gameday guide?)

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Portugal

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Morocco

  • Nashville, Tennessee

  • Atlanta, Georgia

  • Seattle, Washington

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Washington, D.C.

  • Costa Rica

  • Ireland

I've always loved hearing about peoples' trips, going new places, chatting with the person next to me at the gate, etc., and think it's time to share these experiences and tips with all of you!

Can’t wait for this series to ~take off~


welcome to my crib

welcome to my crib

girl power on IWD

girl power on IWD