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love: read all about it

love: read all about it

How cute are my friends Jeff & Janelle?! They're high school sweethearts and I love their story!

How cute are my friends Jeff & Janelle?! They're high school sweethearts and I love their story!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No desk flowers or valentines for me this year, and it turns out *lowers voice*…today is just another Wednesday. Who knew?! I think my only complaint is that I can’t eat ice cream or drink wine this year (less than a week of Whole30 to go, woot!) So if you need me, I'll be at Ash Wednesday service and getting a manicure.

Self-pity aside (seriously, I think today is fun and festive), I love talking about and reading about love. Whenever someone I know gets engaged, or a friend goes on a first date, or someone in a  movie falls in love, I just gush over it. I think I just find it so lovely that people are able to find the one they complement and who complements them. It’s nice you can have that and build a life around it.

That said, I’m sharing my top (for all very different reasons) content for love. Some podcasts, blogs, videos, etc. that I think are fun and/or thought-provoking, for better or for worse. (in sickness and in health?)

40 Days of Dating

I randomly stumbled upon this dating experiment on night in the library when I was knee deep in studying for midterms, and was immediately intrigued by it and read the entire thing in one sitting. (oops) It’s a little old now (it was kind of old by the time I found it) but it is a fun read about two good friends who ended up being single at the same time and decided to try dating for 40 days. They set specific rules to follow, and then on day 40 would decide whether they wanted to continue dating or not. (no spoilers here!)

Local Attraction: Trend & Maeve

I had no idea an entire TV series on Lifetime revolved around real Tinder dates. It’s GOLD. When my sister sent me this video I was crying laughing. I think when I’m 30 and living in NYC, I’ll send my parents this video when they ask why I’m still single. It’s so bad and a little painful to watch, but I couldn’t look away.

Modern Love

The New York Times’ Modern Love essay series/ NPR podcast has become extremely popular, and for good reason: love is complicated and we’re all obsessed with it in one way or another. We’re intrigued by the modern age of dating, apps, and how other people and generations have found (or lost) love. I like the series because very rarely are the stories “happily ever after,” yet they’re still full of perspective and thoughtfulness and a little bit of vulnerability.

A few of my favorites:

 This American Life's Rom-Com podcast 

This episode talks about Rom-Coms and features stories from real life that give us all a little gushy hope. ;) (There's also a weird part where Daniel Radcliffe reads part of a short story? Idk) This one has a little more adult content (This American Life is usually more on the 'mature' side, but just flagging that this is more PG-13 than G)

If all of the above are too much for you, I recommend the following: Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough ice cream, a glass of Cab, and When Harry Met Sally. Foolproof!


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