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i don't get it

i don't get it

There is SO much happening in our world these days, it's sometimes hard to keep track. And when I do keep track, it can be overwhelming. 

And then there are things that overwhelm me that aren't important at all. But yet, here I am, still thinking about them. 

Things I wonder sometimes:

  • How shoes can be SO comfy in the store and then betray you with terrible blisters on the first few wears

  • Why my hair looks great on Saturdays when I have no plans but terrible on a Wednesday when the client is in town

  • Why people eat on the subway - there are SO many germs swirling around on there!

  • Why I can wake up at 6am without an alarm on a Saturday but can't make myself get out of bed at 7:30am on a weekday? 

  • When did unicorns and mermaids become the cool go-to thing? Is there a new mythological creature each year or something that turns couture? 

  • Why it feels exciting to order something on a credit card, and so sad to pay the bill?

  • Why do people ask about my love life? If I had a boyfriend, I'd definitely let everyone know (lol)

    • Follow up: how to people find dates here? I spend most of my time working and avoiding awkward conversation in elevators/dating apps

  • Why don't universities require personal finance (aka "Being a Real Person 101), but make everyone take Geology? (Don't tell me it's because that class ~rocks~)

  • How many times is it okay to repeat an outfit if it's clean and hasn't been posted on Instagram yet?

    • Follow up: How many times is it okay to repeat an outfit if it's clean and HAS been posted on Instagram? 

  • How much richer would I be if I hadn't gone to Jimmy Johns so often in college? 

That's all for now.

anything else you think about sometimes? #replytweet

step by step

step by step

September 11

September 11