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saturday sharing - on friendship

saturday sharing - on friendship

I feel like October flew by and November swooped in with a vengeance of crazy schedules, cold weather and the looming holiday season crazies. I’m so behind on reading, writing checking in with friends, grocery shopping, the list goes on…I thought each semester of college came and went quickly, but man, now that my life feels like work-eat-sleep-repeat, it is a BLUR! (I sound 80 years old.) Weekends feel nice and long, but I can’t describe how fleeting the quiet time feels. It’s the little things that get me - shopping for a Christmas Card photo outfit, making dinner reservations, thinking about Christmas gifts for my family, dealing with the line and crowds at the grocery store.

I had the best couple of days with my mom (little fun-day-in-NYC guide to come one of these days), have developed some sort of head cold and decided to be a cozy bum today. I'm managing some work stuff (PR is 24/7 industry, my friends) and writing from my favorite Cafe Jax in a chunky sweater. Kind of an ideal Saturday, tbh.

Below are a couple of articles I’ve been meaning to share I thought might be a nice read for anyone else laying low this chilly/Alabama away game weekend. They both focus on friendship, something I think we sometimes take for granted. Moving somewhere new, trying a new organization, starting a new job… we fall back on old friends and feel apprehensive about building a new community.  Or we forget how much effort really goes into fostering a strong friendship. Would love your thoughts on these -

Dealing with Friend Envy from The College Prepster (now Carly, The Prepster - big news!)

Carly’s blog is one of the first blogs I followed closely and related to for a long time - I’ve always felt like she was among the most “normal” of the big bloggers. I admire how she stays true to herself in every stage of life, and encourages her readers to do the same. This guest post from Maxie McCoy was just what I needed to read this morning - it’s something everyone struggles with, especially throughout high school, college and the first few years post-grad. We’re all hot messes trying to keep up with so many social/personal/professional expectations along the way, and sometimes it’s hard to be a good friend through the peaks and valleys. A great, quick read.


On the Power of Lifelong Friendship from Lenny Letter

I read this at work one day in July and cried from wave of nostalgia, guilt and gratitude. And then completely forgot about it until today. But wow - it makes the case for how lucky it is to have those friends you know will always be around.

I’m realizing just how rare it is that most of my close friends have been in my life for a long time (I’m talking pre-school here), and that even some of my newer friendships are in it for the long haul.

While it’s no secret that I’m not a great dater (lol), I’ve never been one of those girls who needed a boyfriend - I think likely because I had this great support system and fun group around me from the get-go (and probs also because of my quirkiness/fierce independence, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). The article is honest, acknowledging that friendships evolve as life gets messy, time goes on and we each find our path. But it also acknowledges the power of strong female friendships, really hitting it home with the section below:

“... Gratefully, God has continued to bless me with amazing women who constantly nourish my soul. Women who make me a better woman and make me want to be a better human being. Women who hold me up when I'm weak. Women who celebrate my successes. Women who lift me up when I feel insecure. Women who remind me of what really matters: love, in all its glorious forms. Love of God. Love of self. Love of others.”

Because sometimes all we need is that friend to believe in us, give us tough love and remind us that things will turn out as it’s intended. It also is a reminder that friendship is a two-way street; it's a give and take that requires intentional actions and communication. 

From a cozy/nostalgic/grateful-hearted me to you - if you’re still reading this semi-self-righteous  little world of mine on the internet, thank you - you are a friend I am thankful for. One time or another, whether it was recently or ages ago, you likely encouraged me to do something that made me be a little vulnerable or different for once. Thanks for that. :) Let’s not take each other for granted, okay?


what i'm reading: newsie/YoPro edition

what i'm reading: newsie/YoPro edition

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go figure