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101 in 1001

101 in 1001


I’m a big believer in to-do lists. And I’m also a big believer in “one day, I’d love to…” kind of daydreaming. But it sure is easy for the “one day…” to turn into “someday…” and get lost in the shuffle. 

One of the first bloggers I started following regularly was Mackenzie Horan over at Design Darling. She has a 101-in-1001 series that has turned into a movement of its own. She’s on her third list (I love it), and I found myself thinking it was time for me to make one of my own. I like how Mackenzie puts it: this is part to-do and part bucket list. Best of both worlds, right?

It's 2.75 years' worth of things to try and do. It’s measurable, and enough time to realistically achieve [almost] everything. I’d love to challenge you all to write lists of your own - and would love to read them via email, blog of your own, Twitter thread, etc. :) 

I'm so excited to hit "post" on this blog... I literally started drafting this list on November 15!! I kept pushing it off, running out of ideas, busy being “too busy.” (*eyeroll*.) I'm so excited to get started and see how many I can cross off!

Now that I’m on day 19 of the Whole 30, I am feeling way more confident in my ability to set standards and achieve goals. I mean, I’ve passed up my Granny’s banana pudding and been mostly o.k. about it (WHO AM I?!). I know what I’m trying to achieve with this and I’ve just accepted it. Hoping that with some of the more personally challenging things on my 101 list below I can approach it in a similar way - just pushing through and really sticking it out. (And celebrating at the end with a treat!)

I’ll be sharing updates every now and then to share my progress… stay tuned!


Starts: February 9, 2018

Ends: November 6, 2020

  1. Reconnect with my Spanish host family
  2. Send fifty handwritten notes
  3. Send a Christmas card/letter
  4. Follow up with mentors from college
  5. Mail someone a surprise package
  6. Throw someone a surprise party
  7. Maintain an excel sheet of family/friends birthdays and addresses
  8. Treat my parents to dinner
  9. Invest in new bedding
  10. Get framed art/photos in the apartment
  11. Wake up at 5:30 a.m. five days a week - to journal, exercise, make a hot breakfast, etc.
  12. Start using coupons at the grocery store
  13. Learn how to tie a tie
  14. Take a spontaneous trip
  15. Visit two National Parks
  16. Go on a trip with my siblings
  17. Take a solo trip
  18. Go to Canada
  19. See four new baseball stadiums to check off my list
  20. Go to the Hamptons
  21. Go to a vineyard
  22. Visit Asheville
  23. Go to Iceland
  24. Get a real massage
  25. Stretch daily for two weeks
  26. Learn to French braid
  27. Wear my hair naturally 7 days in a row
  28. Go a month (maybe a year?) without Facebook
  29. Run a 5k
  30. Attend the same workout class regularly (at least for a month)
  31. Learn to ski
  32. Achieve a personal fitness goal
  33. Find a signature fragrance (that isn’t Bath & Body Works, ha!)
  34. Take a ceramics class
  35. Get set up on a blind date (not an app meetup)
  36. Take a latte art class
  37. Kiss under mistletoe
  38. Attend a black tie event
  39. Go to a comedy show
  40. Go skinny dipping
  41. Watch 5 classic films for the first time
  42. Host a brunch at home for friends
  43. Practice hand-lettering
  44. Have a “pinch me” moment
  45. Take a cooking class
  46. Cook 20 new recipes
  47. Try a new restaurant during Restaurant Week
  48. Finish Whole30 x 3
  49. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s
  50. Host a dinner party (with no pre-prepared food!)
  51. Earn a promotion
  52. Redesign the blog
  53. Join a blogger network
  54. Triple my blog views
  55. Hold a leadership position in a professional organization
  56. Set a five to seven-year “plan” (work goals, financial goals, etc.)
  57. Have a sponsored post on the blog
  58. Establish and maintain an editorial/social calendar for my blog
  59. Publish five freelance articles
  60. Take two classes/certifications
  61. Produce a logo for the blog
  62. Watch 3 documentaries
  63. Spend 24 hours completely unplugged - no personal/work phone, email, social media, TV
  64. Save $10 for every goal completed
  65. Inspire someone to create their own 101 in 1001 list
  66. Read 50 books
  67. Listen to 50 Ted Talks
  68. Actually stick to, and finish, a devotional book
  69. Join a book club
  70. Try something new that intimidates me
  71. Do taxes on my own
  72. Get coffee with 3 people who inspire me (that I don’t know)
  73. Read for thirty minutes every night for one month
  74. Join a church in NYC
  75. Get involved with a nonprofit organization
  76. Find a (sustainable) way to keep my Spanish fresh
  77. Throw away/donate 30 things and do not replace them
  78. Build and maintain a budget three months in a row (starting a healthy habit for my wallet…)
  79. Learn how to actually fold fitted sheets
  80. Completely declutter my stuff that’s at my parent’s house
  81. Clean up my cell phone contacts
  82. Purge iPhoto
  83. Clean up my MacBook Pro from college
  84. Pay off credit cards in full
  85. Start a 401K
  86. Go one month without buying coffee at Starbucks/Pret
  87. Unsubscribe from email lists and newsletters I don’t read/care about
  88. Eat at a restaurant alone (no phone)
  89. Buy coffee for the person behind me
  90. Be blunt when I’d normally be quiet
  91. Donate blood
  92. Donate my hair
  93. Vote in a non-presidential election
  94. Go to an NFL game (never been!)
  95. See an NBA game (never been!)
  96. Get a dog
  97. Attend a march
  98. Go to a movie alone
  99. Have a picnic
  100. Go to the ballet
  101. Go to the opera


love: read all about it

love: read all about it

A Whole lot of fun

A Whole lot of fun