101 in 1001 - status update!

Since it’s been a few months, thought it would be time to check in on how my 101 in 1001 list is going. Re-reading it, some of these were a bit of a reach (aka, if in 2ish years I’m still in Manhattan, there is no way I am getting a dog,) while others are some fun ones to keep in mind and plan around. Updates below! (and it’s not too late for you to start one for yourself - it was a surprisingly fun activity that has pushed me outside of my comfort zone.)

commit or quit

I always used to tell my dad before an audition for a show that I had to “go big or go home.” I couldn’t approach it half-way or with the mindset of “I’m just going for an extra." I wanted to give it my all and see what happened, rather than be unprepared or mediocre. If I wasn’t going to be ready or completely invested, I’d rather not try or do it at all. (There are flaws to this theory, but I do think there’s a lot to say about ‘all or nothing.’)

Whole 30 in hindsight

I was just sitting here on the couch, thinking about what the internet needs more of, when it dawned on me: unsolicited perspective on the Whole30. (ha) But actually - I did a Whole30 check-in and then disappeared off the face of the earth and thought it would be worth circling back to share my experience.

girl power on IWD

2017 was a wild year, filled with triumphs and obstacles for women around the world. There were days we felt victorious and empowered, and days where the news headlines made us sick. This year also included major transitions for me personally, as I went from student to new pro and learned more about women in the industry and the various challenges we face on the path to “having it all.”

'from the other side'

This time of year used to be full of stress, applications and interviews for internships. It’s crazy now that we’re on the “other side” of things. There are a few things I’ve learned since becoming a New Pro that I worried about / felt unsure about as an applicant or intern, and I thought it might be helpful to share for those of you currently in the middle of this sometimes-intimidating process.

on 'growing pains'

No number of #adulting posts really makes you an adult, so guess we should give up on that. But really - we’re all just trying recipes in an attempt to meal prep without getting sick of what we cooked (or we’re eating desk salads), trying to be social even if we’re tired, trying to juggle with long-distance friendships, and grapple with the notion that key phases of life have ended, and it’s on us to make the most of the working world and what we make of ourselves within it.

love: read all about it

No desk flowers or valentines for me this year, and it turns out *lowers voice*…today is just another Wednesday. Who knew?! I think my only complaint is that I can’t eat ice cream or drink wine this year (less than a week of Whole30 to go!)

101 in 1001

As everyone who knows me knows: I’m a big believer in to-do lists. And I’m a big believer in “one day, I’d love to…” daydreaming. But it sure is easy for the “one day…” to turn into “someday…” that just might get lost in the shuffle. It's a challenge to take on for the next 2.75 years - and I can't wait to start!

that's a wrap: 2017

It’s officially the first year for me that won’t be measured by semesters or extracurricular activities. There is a bit of open-endedness in terms of what I can do and when, and how I can be even more intentional because 2018 is the first year of “real life”! Kinda crazy to think about and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. (Guess I should add “find hobbies” to my list?)

quality / quantity

Growing up, popularity – and likeability – seemed to a) be mutually exclusive and b) based on numbers. The number of birthday party invitations, playdates, people in your carpool with, etc. Then, it evolved into the number of followers, ‘likes’, 21st birthdays, people on your spring break, bridesmaid dresses. The more, the better — but, is it?

happy there are Octobers

I think when the humidity broke and summer tourists fled, the city gave one large, collective “sigh,” grabbed a hot coffee and headed out on a long Sunday walk. A least, that’s what I did. I mosied to church, around Central Park and eventually made my way home.

the super bowl of coffee

Isn’t it amazing how cozy and comfortable a warm cup of coffee can make you feel? Or how fulfilling or energizing a coffee date can be? According to this crazy (and pretty outdated) list of coffee facts, 49 percent of coffee drinkers would rather give up their cell phone for a month than go without coffee. I mean… what?! While I know there is a national holiday for seemingly everything these days, it seems fitting that businesses, small and large, are celebrating National Coffee Day today. It’s like the Super Bowl or Christmas Day for the over-caffeinated.